Start Date Event Location
22.03.2020 Introduction to Python Programming Online (Bio-IT Zoom)
17.03.2020 Introduction to Regular Expressions Online (Bio-IT Zoom)
17.02.2020 Metagenomic Bioinformatics Analysis EMBL Heidelberg
27.01.2020 Exploratory Analysis of Biological Data: Data Carpentry EMBL Heidelberg
06.11.2019 Machine Learning in R EMBL Heidelberg
19.09.2019 Microscopy Image Analysis Course IPMB, Heidelberg University
27.06.2019 Image Processing & Analysis with ilastik EMBL Heidelberg
22.05.2019 DNA Methylation: Design to Discovery Saarbrücken
20.05.2019 Version Control with Git & GitHub EMBL Heidelberg
08.04.2019 Introduction to Python Programming EMBL Heidelberg
26.03.2019 Data Interpretation of RNASeq and Bisulfite Sequencing Data in Cancer Research IPMB, Heidelberg University
12.02.2019 Intermediate Linux Command Line & Basic Scripting EMBL Heidelberg
11.02.2019 Introduction to Command Line Computing EMBL Heidelberg
05.12.2018 DNA Methylation: Design to Discovery Saarbrücken
05.12.2018 Computational Skills for Life Scientists, Universidad Nacional de Quilmes Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
02.12.2018 Train the Trainer Workshop to Learn Teaching Techniques Universidad Nacional de Quilmes
05.09.2018 Introduction to data analysis in Python EMBL Heidelberg
16.07.2018 Metagenomics Bioinformatics 2018 European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI) – Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, CB10 1SD
25.06.2018 Introduction to Linux Command Line & Basic Scripting EMBL Heidelberg
12.06.2018 Machine Learning in R (advanced course) EMBL Heidelberg
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