Dr. Mike Smith

Bioinformatician, Multi-omics and statistical computing, EMBL

Mike’s previous work at the CRUK Cambridge Institute focused on understanding the properties of the raw data produced by microarrays and next-generation sequencing. Identifying and interpreting instances where errors can occur in with these technologies is an important step in ensuring correct biological conclusions can be drawn from an experiment.

Mike is involved in a number of software projects, primarily rooted in the R programming language. These include the beadarray, BeadDataPackR and illuminaio packages for dealing with various aspects of Illumina BeadArray processing. He has also contributed code to the snapCGH package for predicting DNA copy-number and break-points from arrayCGH data, and EBImage which provides general purpose image processing tools in the R environment. More recently he has worked on the IONiseR package, for performing quality assessment on Oxford Nanopore MinION sequencing data.

Address: Heidelberg, Germany

E-mail: mike.smith@embl.de

Webpage: http://www.huber.embl.de/people/mike-smith/