The HD-HuB Members consist of a Team of Scientific and Technical Experts. HD-HuB is coordinated and managed by Christian Lawerenz (Operational Management) and Sina Barysch (Project Management) under the lead of Peer Bork (EMBL) und Roland Eils (Charité/BIH).


Georg Zeller

Group Leader, Human microbiome perturbations in the context of personalised health and disease, EMBL

Holger Erfle

Head of Advanced Biological Screening Facility, BIOQUANT/University of Heidelberg

Ivo Buchhalter

Head of Omics IT and Data Management Core Facility, DKFZ

Jan Korbel

Project leader and group leader, From genomic variation to molecular mechanism, EMBL

Julio Saez-Rodriguez

Group Leader, Computational Biomedicine, Heidelberg University Hospital

Karl Rohr

Group Leader, Biomedical Computer Vision Group, BioQuant, IPMB, Heidelberg University

Martin Lang

IT Staff, Omics IT and Data Management Core Facility, DKFZ

Matthias Schlesner

Group Leader, Bioinformatik und Omics Data Analytics, DKFZ

Michael Boutros

Project leader and group leader, Signaling and functional genomics, DKFZ

Mike Smith

Bioinformatician, Multi-omics and statistical computing, EMBL

Philip Reiner Kensche

Bioinformatician, Omics IT and Data Management Core Facility, DKFZ

Renato Alves

Training, outreach and support infrastructure coordinator, EMBL

Rob Russell

Project Leader and Group Leader, Protein Evolution, BIOQUANT

Thomas Wollmann

Phd Student, Biomedical Computer Vision Group, BIOQUANT

Tobias Rausch

Bioinformatician, Genomics Core Facility, EMBL