26/02/2018 - 28/02/2018

EMBL Heidelberg
Meyerhofstraße 1
Heidelberg, Germany

Protein Bioinformatics for Beginners

Code: 2018-prot-bioinfo
Price: 90 EUR pro Platz (VAT excl.)
Location: EMBL, ATC Computer Training Lab, Heidelberg
Available seats: 25


The course and its goals:

This course will introduce online and open-source resources such as databases and tools to explore and analyze protein sequences and structures. A good part of the course will focus on the participant-led practical activities.

The course will be taught by the multiple tutors, several of them are the developers and maintainers of the resources and databases introduced during the course.

The schedule and materials for the last course can be accessed here:

Please use the EMBL Bio-IT registration system to sign up for the course:

Course contents:

Part-1: Protein databases and sequence analysis

– Protein databases: NCBI and UniProt
– Human protein atlas
– Antibodypedia
– EMBOSS toolkits
– Gene Ontology
– BLAST software package
– Multiple sequence alignments
– Jalview for motif visualization

Part-2: Protein structure analysis

– Secondary vs tertiary structure vs protein complexes
– PDB structure database
– Structure visualization by Chimera version-2
– Secondary and tertiary structure prediction
– Domain databases: InterPro, Pfam, SCOP etc.
– Intrinsically disordered region
– Eukaryotic Linear Motif (ELM)
– Protein-protein interaction: STRING, BioGrid etc.
– Prediction of transmembrane helices in proteins

Part-3: Case study

– Participant-driven group activities
– Group presentations


– Basic knowledge of protein sequences and structures
– Interest in basic bioinformatics based analysis

Course fee:

EMBL Bio-IT is hosting this course for free to the EMBL members. All the external participants will be charged with a minimal tuition fee of 90 Euros to cover the lunch/coffee and infrastructure related cost.