IPMB, Heidelberg University
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364
Heidelberg, Germany

Microscopy Image Analysis Course

Code: 2016-microscopy
Price: free
Location: IPMB, Heidelberg University
Available seats: 20


This course is a joined event organized by HD-HuB and CellNetworks MathClinic.



The course gives an introduction into the field of microscopy image analysis for cell biology and the use of software tools for automated processing of image data. Basic methods for computer-based analysis of microscopy images are introduced such as image preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction, classification, colocalization, and tracking. Concepts of software platforms with focus on ImageJ and their use for automated analysis of cell microscopy image data are also taught. The course consists of lectures and practical sessions. Participants should bring their laptops for the practical sessions. The target group are researchers with a background in biology or medicine that need to analyze their data and have little or no experience in automated image analysis.


Learning goals:

– Introduction into cell microscopy image analysis

– Application of software tools for automated analysis of image data



Basic knowledge in using software tools for image analysis is helpful but not mandatory.