IPMB, Heidelberg University
Im Neuenheimer Feld 364
Heidelberg, Germany

Introduction to Command line Computing

Code: 2018-linux
Price: 60 EUR pro Platz (VAT excl.)
Location: IPMB, Heidelberg University
Available seats: 6


About the course:

Linux is an operating system with a powerful command line interface that is widely used for biological data analysis and in server and cluster systems. A knowledge and understanding of how to interact effectively with the command line is essential when using many popular bioinformatics software packages, efficiently performing repetitive computational tasks, and working in high-performance computing cluster environments.

Please use the EMBL Bio-IT system for registration:

Course contents:

This course will provide an introduction to the most basic UNIX (linux/Mac OS X) commands and by the end of the course, the participants should be confident and competent in navigating around a linux filesystem, performing basic file operations and finding help on the command line.

Bio-IT also provides an intermediate course on command line computing, which follows up on the material taught here: if you are unfamiliar with the command line, it is strongly recommended that you take this beginners course before attending the intermediate course, which usually follows within a few months.

Main contents of this course:

–    Basic commands of Linux/shell
–    Principle of shell scripting

Learning goals:

This course aims to teach basic commands and shell scripting to the life-scientists who wish to carry out repeated tasks to deal with biological data.

The goal of the course is to enable participants:
–    to use the shell interactively
–    to understand a given scripts


We do not expect the participants to have any prior knowledge of scripting. This is a course for the researchers who wish to learn the basics of Unix and in future develop their skills to automate their tasks such as dealing with a large number of files to carry out identical or similar analysis using computers.

Course fee:

EMBL Bio-IT will offer this course for free to all the EMBL members. The external participants will be changed with a course fee of 60 Euros to cover their lunch/coffee and infrastructure related cost. The invoice details will be shared via email.