01/12/2015 - 04/12/2015


-, Germany

1st de.NBI Bioimage Analysis Workshop based on KNIME Image Processing

Code: 2015-Bioimage
Price: free
Available seats: 0


This 1st de.NBI Bioimage Analysis Workshop provided life scientists without advanced knowledge in image analysis an introduction into the basic concepts of the KNIME image analysis platform – based on corresponding solutions using Fiji to illustrate the similarities. During the course state-of-the-art applications in how to analyse bioimage data have been addressed:

Day 01:
Introduction into KNIME
Introduction into KNIME Image Processing
Invited talk: Ulrike Engel

Day 02:
Counting spots in nuclei & nuclei surroundings
Invited talk: Ullrich Köthe
Colocalisation of point- and non-point-like objects

Day 03:
Tracking in 2D+t
Invited talk: Martin Horn
KNIME Cooking (together with KNIME representatives)