Dr. Ulrike Engel

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COS, Heidelberg University
Im Neuenheimer Feld 267
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Ulrike Engel is the head of the Nikon Imaging Center at the University of Heidelberg and a project leader at the Centre for Organismal Studies. Her interests are light microscopy, cell motility and axon guidance. In her post-doc in the Department of Cell Biology, Harvard Medical School (2002-2005) she used live imaging of primary neurons to study microtubules on the level of individual microtubules. In 2005 she came to Heidelberg to build up the Nikon Imaging Center at the University of Heidelberg, which offers a wide range of advanced fluorescence microscopy techniques to researchers. She and her team support researchers in live imaging, TIRF, FRET, FRAP and basic image analysis.

Her research focuses on the role of cytoskeletal dynamics in neuronal outgrowth and cell polarization using a combination of time lapse microscopy, image analysis and modeling in collaboration with K.Rohr and F. Nedelec.

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