BiQ Analyzer HiMod is the major upgrade of the popular BiQAnalyzer HT tool specifically designed to aid the analysis of high-throughput bisulfite amplicon sequencing data. BiQ Analyzer HiMod currently allows to process an amount of bisulfite, oxidative bisulfite, Tet assisted bisulfite, chemical modification-assisted bisulfite or formyl chemical modification-assisted bisulfite sequencing reads obtained in one or several sequencing experiments.


Relevant Publications

Lutsik P., Feuerbach L., Arand J., Lengauer T., Walter J. and Bock C (2011) BiQ Analyzer HT: locus-specific analysis of DNA methylation by high-throughput bisulfite sequencing. Nucleic Acids Research (Full text).


Pavlo Lutsik (plutsik (at) mpi-inf.mpg (dot) de)